Sharon Drown In Lovewith you Nils van zandtDouble U HB Monte Burn downJose am jay martin won't let goAhzee we got thisAhmirahzee starsnightlife djs casper gonna love yaNils Van Zandt Good LifeDamn Good Nils Van Zandtdestination paradise nilsdownload (1)downloadnightlife djs casper gonna love yaNils Van Zandt Good LifeHaise Floor controljose am space shipkevin palmers jay martinlotus jessy pitbullaunny wkndDamae IllusionDamae MommaDamae PhoenixStay maoriStay tuned SurrenderSunny Karmasunny stingySunny Vizion waste of timesynaps stay in lovetake my love leroyVicamn Romero jay martin knock me downwe got this stay tunedblur-500-500x480artworks-000213281926-q5i7ab-t500x500Ahzee Go Gyal15582089
What-About-LoveRidder-It-All-Comes-Down-to-You-CDQNils van zandt The Riddlemademoiselle_luna_kid_noize_feat_carlos_lucky-set_me_free_slennert_wolfs_honorebel_emmaly_brown-love_you_longtime_shb_monte_lumidee-luv_ya_better_sDave Till Big Dawg Real Loveexploredj-rebel-mohombi-let-me-love-you-feat-shaggydb-open-your-mindcymaz_vs_wout_feat_masta-shootin_fiyah_sahzee_feat_rvry-but_a_lie_snils_van_zandt_feat_emmaly_brown-unified_sninaheartbeatlennert_wolfs_hb_monte_big_dawg-bang_like_dynamite_syoungonez-e1461135757709leroyteka-b-featuring-h-b-monte-mosh-pitriddernick-mathonmystiquematsoe-musicmake-it-poplast-time34486198_800_8003821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_nyoutube button3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_n3821_313976568721084_1831161716_nDJ Wout Big DawgNext Level - Cover16003821_313976568721084_1831161716_nCrunch Time (Unplugged) Real FinalLost Without UAdlicious FlavourAdlicious Come HomeCasper Just the beginningPrintKarin-NagiRoscoe-JozefzoonSpacecakeHB Monte Dumb Stupid CrazyNils Ros Jeroen Taking OverRos Taking Over UnpluggedNikita I Aint MadKevin Bryant Im ALive 

1993 CDM Roots Syndicate Mockin’ Bird Hill Polydor- Extended Version- Hill Dub Mix- Beach MixN 1 in Dutch Top 401998 CDS DeAnté We Don’t Live Too Long Dino Music – (Co)written & Produced2nd Place In Dutch National Song Contest2000 CDM DeAnté Crazy Dino Music- Crazy Dawg Remix2000 CDS DeAnté Crazy Dino Music – We Don’t Live Too Long (Big Dawg In The Jungle Remix) 2000 CDM DeAnté Do What You Wanna Do Dino Music- Big Dawg Remix2000 CD DeAnté Global Victory Dino Music- We Don’t Live Too Long- (Co)written & Produced2003 CDS Mr. Phillips Who Wanna Make V2 Records(Chi Ching !!!)- Original and Remix- Written & Produced2003 CDS Masta When I Hit Ya (G-Spot) / Urban Invasion2 Da Max- Written & Produced2004 CDS M.I.S.T.A. Summer Breeze / Oohh Just Entertainment Ft. Karima No (He’s Back Again)- Produced / Written &Produced2004 CD Masta Ft. When I Hit Ya (G-Spot) Beema Entertainment King Lover Masta 2 Da Max Masta Ft.Nordae R U Ready 4 Me Masta Ft.Lunes Stamina- Written & Produced2004 CDS Bas & Joel Too Dangerous EJ Music/Pink Records- Written & Produced72 In The Best Sold Singles For 20042004 CD Bas & Joel The Album EJ Music/Pink Records- Céleste- Too Dangerous- Dance For Me- Stuck On You- For The Broken Hearted- Dance Around The World- Don’t Wanna Live- The Wind- Like This Like That- Written & Produced2005 CDS US Spring Op Digidance- Remix & Original- Written & Produced2005 CDS Gio Fantasy Girl Universal Music- WrittenRanked 12 In Dutch Top 402005 CD Gio First Universal Music- Fantasy Girl- Written2005 CDS Gio U Could Be That Girl Universal Music- Fantasy Girl (Video)- Written2005 CDS Jay-Kay Alles ?! High Fashion- (Co)written & Produced2005 CDS Men 2 B Supermodel Busby Media – Big Dawg Radio Edit – Summer Vibe Remix – Produced2005 CDS Chiki Chaka Girls Chiki Chaka Just Entertainment- Remix Version- Additional Production- Club Remix Ft.M.I.S.T.A.& Masta- Produced2005 CDS D-Code Don’t Want You Back Double Dance – Vocal Arrangements2005 CDS Activ-8 Take My Breath Away Double Dance- Piano Version- Produced2005 CDS Activ-8 Simply The Best / Girls Double Dance Just Wanna Have Fun- Produced2006 CDS Jose Bueno Make It Hot Busby Media- Original & Club Mix- Written & Produced2006 CDS One-J In Da Club Digidance- Written & Produced2006 CD The Party Squad De Bazen Van De Club Universal Music- Het Is Aan- Written & Produced2006 CDS Sven Duijff Zomer Digidance- Written & Produced2006 CDS BS-One Fit Cool Achmea- Additional Production2007 CDS Jose Bueno In Your Eyes Busby Media – Written & Produced2007 CDS US Schijt Aan De Buren White Villa Records – Written & Produced2007 CDS Li-Ann Pop The Cherry – Vocal Production 2007 Masta – Booty Booty Booty (Shake and Bounce) Written & Produced & Vocals 2007 Masta Ft. Dwayne & Myrthe – Everything I Own – Production 2008 Masta Ft, Stunna 21 – Heart Beat Written & Produced 2008Masta Ft. Stunna 21 – I Wonder Written & Vocal Production2008 Ehsan – Is Dit Liefde – Vocal Production2008 Masta Ft. Stunna 21 – Stalk U Written & Produced2008 Ahmir – Moving Mountains Co-Production2008 Ahmir – Moving Mountains Big Dawg Remix2008 Ahmir – Come Back Written & Produced2008 Ahmir – Bye Bye Production2008 Shaun Mykals – Leave Me Alone (Written & Produced)2008 Shaun Mykals – Working Out (Written & Produced)2008 Sun E Ft. Cupid & Mr. Phat – Magnet (Written & Produced)2008 Sune-E Ft. Paul Wall – Full Time Hustla (Written & Produced)2008 DJ Swingbata – Introducing Written & Produced 2008 Ahmir – Ribbon In The Sky (Production) 2008 E RNB Hip Hop Rockstar Ft. Miss Cherry – On Everything (Written & Produced) 2008 Sune-E Ft. Paul Wall Milli Maximal – Full Time Hustla (Remix) (Written & Produced)2009 Reshmay – Touch Me2009 Reshmay – Trippin’ (Written & Produced)2009 Reshmay – Don’t Hate2010 HB Monte – We Grindin'(Written & Produced)2010 HB Monte Ft. Bizzy Bone – This Is Me 2010 The Key Of Awesome Ft. Ahmir – Nervous Guy (Production) 2010 HB Monte Ft. Nina Sky – One Nite (Written & Produced) 2010 Ehsan Ft. HB Monte – Can’t Let Go2010 Chingy – Hey Now Written2010 HB Monte – I Kno U See Me (Written & Produced)2010 Wendel Kos – Dancing On The Lights (Written & Vocal Productions)2011 Atif & Suggest – Game Boy (Written & Produced)2011 Anton Liss Ft. Jay Martin (Written & Vocal Productions & Vocals)2012 Ahmir – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (Production)2012 Ahmir Ft. Casper – Turn Up The Music (Production)2011 Myra – Last Night (Written & Produced)2011 Casper Ft. Cristal Cleer – Dream About U (Written & Produced)2012 Casper – Diamond Girl (Written & Produced)2011 Jason Little – Rated J (Written & Produced)2011 Rev N Ros – Fast Car (Production)2011 Rev N Ros – Second Last Chance (Production)2010 Razah Ft. Tania Christopher – Here We Go Again (Written)2010 Ehsan – On Our Own (Written & Vocal Production)2010 Ehsan Forever And More (Written & Produced)2010 Ehsan – United (Written & Produced)2010 Ehsan – Without U (Written & Produced)2010 Ehsan – Can We Dance (Written & Produced)2010 Ternae Jordan – What’s A Man To Do (Written & Vocal Production)2010 Ternae Jordan – Pray (Written & Vocal Production)2011 Ternae Jordan – H.E.L.P. (Written & Vocal Production)2011 Ternae Jordan – The Bridge (Written & Produced)2011 Ternae Jordan – October 27th 1993 (Written & Vocal Production)2011 Ternae Jordan – Brand New Me (Written & Produced)2011 Kevin Bryant – I’m Alive (Written & Vocal Production)2011 Nikita – I Ain’t Mad (Written & Produced)2011 Karin Nagi – High On Love (Written & Vocal Production)2012 HB Monte – I Kno U See Me (Uptempo) (Written & Produced)2012 Michael Fall Ft. Jay Martin (Written & Vocals)2012 Casper – Don’t Say Goodbye (Written & Produced)2012 Casper – Amazin’ (Written & Produced)2012 Casper – Number 1 (Written & Produced)2012 

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